Providence Realty Investment

PRI is a privately held full-service real estate company located in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island. PRI brings a unique blend of expertise to every business venture, from real estate acquisition and investment to green building and construction management. Two subsidiary companies operate under the PRI umbrella: PRI Affordable Housing and PRI Renewable Energy.

Providence Realty Investment

PRI is currently focused on adding renewable solar energy to our existing affordable housing portfolios in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Providence Realty Investment is committed to being a leading provider of affordable housing by producing and preserving low-cost housing to family and senior households in greatest need. PRI currently owns 18 government subsidized housing sites, totaling 1,639 units throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The successful management and financing of these affordable housing portfolios has prompted PRI to purchase additional affordable housing sites throughout the country.

PRI Renewable Energy

Redeveloping and reviving contaminated and Brownfield sites and adapting renewable energy solutions to these communities